Ready to Write Your Reality?

Join Me for a Transformational Hands-on Class to Script Your Success!

Thursday, December 30, 11 am ET (75 minutes)

I’m a huge advocate for the power of scripting!

I have been scripting for decades. It’s one of my go-to journaling techniques to align my energy, open up ideas and possibilities…not only ideas for content, programs, products and brave marketing moves. This process aligns your cells deep within to the resonance of your beautiful, creative, successful future self…as you become her now!

In this Write Your Reality Scripting workshop:

I’ll guide you through this easy creative process as you write your life and business alive!

You’ll step into  creating the present moment where you already are a successful business leader and you are living your creative, abundant beautiful life…right now!

You’ll be journaling with prompts while feeling into the emotional essence (which is like igniter fuel)….you’ll find that you feel lighter and inspired while also feeling deeply connected to your Soul Work and powerful presence.

You'll receive a Special Bonus: Fill-in-the-blank Write Your Reality Script for an Amazing 2022!

It’s only $27 for an energetic power boost!

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Laura West walks through life expecting magic and miracles. She knows that joy is the secret ingredient for expanding your creativity and productivity.  She works with business owners of all types who are ready to make a positive difference with their projects and work.

Her deep belief that you already have creative potential, and she helps carve away the what’s blocking your Unique Beautiful Brilliance from shining so you can more fully ride the Universal Abundance Current.  She’ll help you see that the world is full of possibilities in every moment!

Celebrating 20 years as a business healer and intuitive success coach at

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