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Can you imagine…

Being able to create an entirely new foundation for growing your business with

limitless energy, confidence and joy.

I wANT TO know…

If you’re like many of my clients, you’re a creative visionary. You see possibilities. And you want to use your passion and expertise to bring about real change in the world. You’re up to some seriously big things. But when it comes to sharing your passion in a bigger way, it’s like your sun went behind a cloud.

What if you could access the infinite power of the Universe within you and blow those clouds away?
Now, more than ever
Your voice is needed and deserves to be heard.

The world is in flux. Old ways of living, working, and being are falling away. We’re shifting into an exciting and entirely new paradigm. There’s so much possibility for all types of greatness to emerge. But monumental change often brings monumental turbulence, chaos and flat out stress. People need you—now more than ever.

People need to hear your voice and know about your transformational work to help with these big shifts and opportunities.

There’s a better way

Expand your presence and ripple effect without soul-draining marketing and business tactics.

This is what Creating from Flow is all about. It’s a soul-preneur tested program designed specifically for business owners like you (and like me) who want to grow holistically—from the inside out— aligning your business strategies with your energy, deeper wisdom, and Sacred Calling.


Combine the deep inner work with the outward expression of your gifts so that people can find you.


Discover that being your full, weird, geeky spiritual and creative self is actually your secret sauce (or Beautiful Brilliance, as I like to call it)!


Find a tribe of like-minded, like-spirited business owners who share your commitment to positive change, supporting you in this new framework of being and doing in your business (and your life!)

Tina Games
Thank you, Laura, for creating a beautiful, safe space where I could show up and just BE with what was wanting to unfold. It was exactly what I needed!
Moonlight Muse
Leslie Hamp
Laura West is the coach I turn to for brainstorming, guidance and a big leap. In just 2 hours she helped me shift into my Zone of Genius and rebrand my business. It feels so good to kiss my old business model goodbye and claim a model that is aligned with this stage of life— leading groups and retreats around a life re-imagined.
Creative Catalyst
Creating from Flow

Grow your business in a totally new way.

This is a deep, creative, immersive five-month experience where you will learn how to tap into and follow the guidance of your own inner wisdom and create ideas for marketing and growing your business (without any of that icky feeling you’re pretending to be something you’re not). You’ll:

When it’s time for marketing, rest assured your strategies will be completely and utterly in alignment with your soul and your Authentic Beautiful Brilliance.

Creative Courage is the Way Forward

Listen to the wisdom that’s already inside you and Be supported in taking courageous action

In this new paradigm emerging, one where the old traditional ways of building a business are falling apart. The information we need to grow and thrive simply doesn’t exist “out there.” We have to look inside of ourselves and create new, holistic solutions for moving forward. This can be confusing and even scary, and yet there is a part of you deep inside that knows this to be true.

In Creating from Flow I will help you liberate your true voice and free you to create opportunities to get your work out in front of more people and make a bigger difference in the world.

We will practice building this courage muscle of listening generously and while accessing your deep creativity.

Creating from Flow will liberate your true voice and free you to create opportunities to get your work out in front of more people and make a bigger difference in the world.

The results speak for themselves...

Marcy Nelson-Garrison
Laura West comes up with the absolute best creative tools. They look simple but don't be fooled—they will blow your current thinking out of the water and create serious (and compassionate) shifts in your business. It changed my approach to the new year in a profound way. Thank you, Laura,—you have just saved me from heading down a sure fire path to burnout.
Ann Potts
I now have a much more playful and creative approach towards my business that energizes me daily. I highly endorse Laura’s unique coaching which offers a brilliant combination of reawakening your creativity and claiming your personal brand leadership.
Executive Performance Fuel

Let’s dig into the details.

Creating from Flow, is a five-month program and supportive community where you will practice aligning your energy, deepening your intuition and creating individualized Flow Practices that will open you up more fully to the wealth of support the Universe has to offer you.

During this program you will be supported in creating Passion Projects which highlight your unique Soul Voice as you expand your impact in the world.

Believe In Your Dreams
the inner work

Flow Immersion Calls

The program kicks off with the Flow Immersion.  These first three weeks are designed to help you practice opening, aligning and receiving Flow energy. You’ll learn a variety of tools and practices to help you design your own Flow practice to support you in accessing your intuition, confidence and deep creativity.

Nurture Your Soul Voice

Virtual Retreat

We’ll also be reveling in a fun, creative virtual retreat where I’ll help you bust through your limiting beliefs, bring awareness to your Sacred Shadow resistance, and gain a deeper understanding of your brand essence as you nurture your unique Soul Voice. Your Soul Voice is the resonance and expression that will help you attract more of your ideal clients and more opportunities.

Time to co-create
Passion Projects

We’ll apply all of this deep inner work to two Passion Projects—expansion opportunities you’ll co-create with your universal flow and wisdom. Whether you develop a new course or product, free gift, or podcast, your Passion Project is all about getting your Soul Voice into the world, attracting your tribe, growing your business and loving it all!

How it flows.

Creating from Flow is a five-month transformative experience for entrepreneurs who want to rock the world—and their businesses and their lives—in collaboration with the universe.

Foundation Program

Flow Immersions

We’ll kick off the Flow program powerfully as you create Flow Practices to align your energy, intuition, intentions and actions.

Passion Project Group Coaching

Twice a month, we’ll come together for brainstorming, coaching and continuous support to get your voice into the world and create projects that matter!

Virtual Creative Retreat

A rich, fun creative retreat, for breaking through Sacred Shadow resistance, discovering what the Universe wants from you, and learning to express your Soul Voice.

Passion Project Virtual Happy Hours

Every month, we’ll hold a three-hour virtual gathering to work on your Passion Project, ask questions, get feedback, shift your mindset, raise your energy and keep on creating from flow.

Sangha Support

Deepen your connection with community by meeting in small groups for additional support, accountability, brain storming, and celebrations. Sangha = LovingKindness, respect and fierce love supportive circles.

Supportive Online Community

Find support, ask questions, celebrate and tap into Flow energy in your dedicated Flow Facebook Group.

Create your favorite mix of daily habits to support getting you into the Universal Flow energy.

Daily Flow Activation Practices​

Foundation Plus Program
Love everything and wish you could have some personal one-one-one coaching with me? You can. The Foundation Plus Program includes all of the above, plus:

Private Coaching Calls

Monthly private coaching call to focus specifically on clarity for your Passion Project, Soul Voice and Flow Practices

Email Access

Email feedback and support for your Passion Projects

Open up to greater confidence, clarity, courage and conviction.

Being fully connected, aligned and creating from flow…

Just imagine the possibilities! What amazing difference you could make in the world if you had:

Creating from Flow is the paradigm shift you’ve been looking for.

Start making a bigger difference in the world by aligning your voice your business and your life with your soul’s calling.

Are you ready to open the door to the magically supportive world of Creating from Flow?

The Flow program was so popular the first time that half of the spots are already taken. You’ll want to get one of the last spots!

PLUS let’s get you in the program now and you’ll save with the Early Bird pricing and you’ll some really amazing special bonuses too!

don’t forget about the fabulous bonuses

Register for Creating from Flow, and you’ll also receive:

Bonus 1: Joyful Business Studio

You get to be a part of the monthly Studio membership program as an added bonus! Once a month workshop and group coaching call about marketing, and mindset – the Joyful Business Way ( $485 value)

Bonus 2: Soul Voice Creative Journaling Cards

Printable cards with journaling prompts to help you access deep inner truths about your philosophy, point of view and thought leadership about your tribe. ($49 value)

Bonus 3: Surprise Bonus Treats

Throughout the program I’ll be sharing surprise bonuses to support your energy, abundance, positivity and creativity.

I want to make sure this is the right program for you. And you are right for the program. Which means you are ready to commit to cultivating your connection to flow and creating expansive, expressive projects from here!

Once you’ve looked over the program, go ahead and schedule a call on the calendar. You’ll want to get one of the last spots PLUS there’s an early bird savings and special bonuses too! 

Early bird deadline is Tuesday, May 4 so book your call with me now!

Laura West

About Laura

Laura West is a champion of possibility.

She believes each of us has an innate well of creative power that we can learn to access to make real amazing possibilities.

When Laura works with coaches, healers, teachers and changemakers she always makes space for their intuition and creativity, because connection to inner wisdom and higher power is what makes those possibilities realities!

Laura knows that when you are aligned with your joy and passion, you are more innovative, creative and confident and success is inevitable! She has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs over the last 19 years, develop signature programs, products and marketing to stand out as leaders in their markets AND make great money while creating positive ripples in the world.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Facilitator, Great Story Facilitator and a Business Success Coach, Laura loves to work with coaches, mission-driven entrepreneurs and creative thought leaders who have a purpose to create a better world with their gifts and expertise: their work is a calling, and they can’t imagine doing anything else…and they are ready to finally be successful!

Let’s set up a conversation to see if you’re ready to step into the flow and create business success led from your soul and energized by Flow.

I want to make sure this is the right program for you. And you are right for the program. Which means you are ready to commit to cultivating your connection to flow and creating expansive, expressive projects from here!

Once you’ve looked over the program. Go ahead and schedule a call on the calendar. You’ll want to get one of the last spots PLUS there’s an early bird savings and special bonuses too!

Early bird deadline is Tuesday, May 4 (we start May 10) so book your call with me now!

Or email me at


We start on May 10, 2021.

Flow Immersion Classes
Mondays, 1pm  ET, 90 minutes – 2 hours

  • May 10
  • May 17
  • May 24

Passion Project Group Coaching and Flow Training Calls
Mondays, 1pm  ET
90 minutes – 2 hours

  • June 7
  • June 21
  • July 26
  • August 9
  • August 23
  • September 13 
  • September 27


Passion Project Happy Hours
Fridays, 11:00am ET  – 2:30 ET
First hour call then check in calls at 1pm, 2pm ET

  • May 21
  • June 10
  • July 16
  • September 16

Virtual Creative Retreat
Thursday, August 26 and Friday, August 27
11am – 3pm ET

This program is ideal for entreperneurs who consider themselves a RippleMaker. You want to be sharing your gifts to make a difference in the world…and you know there is a different way of growing and marketing your business.

You aren’t willing to do soul-draining marketing, you want soul-nourishing ways to attract clients and opportunities to you.

You also want to open up your intuition, deep creativity and Soul Voice…to create from a place that is more than just brain strategies, you want to create from a more holistic place where you are in alignment with your true self and you know that it’s possible to attract opportunities to you with a greater ease, grace and deep joy.

I am glad you asked! I have purposely created this program so you get the support you need, enough connection to feel part of the community but I also have the intention that we will channel “summer energy” into this program with lots of laughter, lightness and creativity.

You do want to check your commitment, and this program is all about working with Flow, which is a natural summer rhythm!

We will discuss this during our call together. It depends on which option you choose: Creating from Flow Foundation or the Foundation plus Coaching.

This is a small group coaching program which will get my full attention and energy…and with that being said, it’s mid-four figures or less depending on which option you choose.

One of the comments I receive about my programs is that I attract the most amazing creative, conscious entrepreneurs. It is always a highlight of any program I offer. Since, this is an intimate circle for the Flow program, it’s best if we have a one-to-one conversation to make sure it’s a right fit for you to how you want to approach and grow your business. Plus, I love getting some personal time with you to hear about what you are up to!


Sign up to talk with me about Flow here!

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