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The soulful membership community that will teach you to

 love marketing and make money in a way that FEELS GOOD and is truly about making a difference!

If the “hustle-grind-formula-launch-launch-launch” pressure tactics and models have left you feeling overwhelmed, alone and burned out, you’ve found your home in the Joyful Business Studio!

The Joyful Business Studio provides space and support for you to learn smart marketing strategies, cultivate your joy (your secret super power of productivity), and immerse yourself in a supportive community of business owners like you.

Join today for only $97/mo $67/mo

(Add $67 to my order today and $67 per month afterwards – I can cancel anytime.)

The perfect fit for conscious business owners who are ready to jump off the hustle hamster wheel and grow their Big YES! ideas from creativity and flow.

The Joyful Business Studio is where I meet with my very important “team of experts and advisors”. For me, the time we spend together is essential to my business thriving. Laura has established a safe, fertile space for me and my colleagues to share deeply and flourish. These are never boring lectures, it’s always interactive and engaging.

In the Studio we laugh a lot, empathize, and celebrate with each other. Laura always presents ideas and information that is unique. She provides powerful individual coaching as you need it to help understand how you can apply new mindsets and soul strategies to your particular business circumstances.

I love that it’s a diverse group of business owners who get me. They listen to my celebrations, problems, and challenges and hold them up for me to see in a new light. I never want to miss a live call! It’s that good!

Melinda Thomas

Melinda Thomas Creative

What’s Included with the Joyful Business Studio...





Each part of the Studio works together to create a matrix of support that gives you clarity, momentum and success.

PLUS this special bonus for those of you who have already invested in EnergyJAM™...

“Best of” Joyful Business Studio Trainings! 

Get immediate access to classes on money, creating content, marketing strategies, owning your voice and so much more. You can dive in and start taking inspired action right away!

(Add $67 to my order today and $67 per month afterwards. You can cancel anytime.)

I learn so much from my membership in the Joyful Business Studio. The monthly workshops give me the business, financial and marketing tools and strategies I need to keep my business running well so I can focus more on my clients’ needs. The monthly Energy Shifting provides exercises and processes that teach me to raise my energy to higher levels, helping be more creative and more focused.

Laura’s coaching quickly gets to the core of what changes I need to make to uplevel my performance and process so that my visibility and leadership keep growing. The quarterly “Get Stuff Done that Matters” retreat is one of my favorite parts because of its high enthusiasm, deep focus, and the creativity that everyone in the community brings to the experience.

I find Laura to be masterful at pinpointing the real reasons I get stuck and identifying the resources in and around me to rise out of the rut. This is why I keep coming to the Joyful Business Studio.

George Herrick

Soul Deep Living

Everything You’ll Receive When You Add This To Your Order Now:

Monthly Live Workshop ($397 value)
Monthly Energy Shifting and Open Coaching Call ($297 value)
Quarterly Get Stuff Done that Matters Day ($297 value)
Joyful Business Plan ($167 value)
Bonus! “Best of” Joyful Business Studio Trainings! ($997 value)

Total Value: $2155
Regular Price $97/mo

Today’s Price = Only $67/mo

(Add $67 to my order today and $67 per month afterwards. You can cancel anytime.)

Thank you, Laura, for creating a beautiful, safe space where I could show up and just BE with what was wanting to unfold. These calls are always so rich and perfect for me – every single time! It was exactly what I needed!

Tina Games

Moonlight Muse

My participation in The Joyful Business Studio for a couple of years has been a steady and delightful thread in my own growth and development. Laura West leads insightful, relevant, and smart classes each month, which help us to expand and grow. She is a great leader, a brilliant coach, who knows her clients’ needs, and attracts a wonderful community. She creates an environment where we experience growth, confidence, and greater visibility.

Laura and the Joyful Business Studio is a great benefit and blessing in my life and career. It is a tremendous value and a program that I look forward to each month.

Marie Fratoni

Get Clients Everywhere

I joined the Joyful Business Studio because Laura taught about growing your business from attraction and not a hustle mentality. I have hustled all of my life, and I don’t want to do it with my own business. I’m glad to find another way of doing business – and Laura models and teaches it so well. As a solopreneur, I want to be my authentic self because it’s exhausting trying to do what everyone else is doing and getting burn out. There is a sense of joy she teaches in sharing my business, marketing and making money, all from the point of love. I love Laura’s calmness, her expertise, she has new ways of working with mindset. I’ve had marketing bosses, and I can say that I would have loved to work under her!

The Studio a must-have for anyone in business who wants another way to be in business where you’ll thrive!

Betty Mwangi

White Swan Media

(Add $67 to my order today and $67 per month afterwards. You can cancel anytime.)

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