Would you like to be a guest on Joyful Business TV?

Every week on Joyful Business TV, I'll be sharing creative practices, strategies and tools successful conscious businesses.

Every other week I am interviewing other conscious, creative, spiritual and successful entrepreneurs.

Would you like to be a guest on Joyful Business TV?

You get maximum visibility and exposure:

  • The show is livestreamed every Thursday, at 9am ET on the WIN WIN Women platform.
  • The Replay can be seen on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku and on the web platform plus soon coming to the Joyful Business TV YouTube Channel.

Our favorite topics to discuss:

  Conscious Business and Marketing Strategies & Practices

    Creativity in Business

  Passion projects

  Personal Energy

Mindfulness and Mindset Shifting Tools

Money and Abundance Mindset

Finding your voice and claiming your creative power

Favorite tools and resources for Joyful Business success!

Live Stream: Thursday, 9:00 am ET

It’s a 30 minute show then 30 minutes of rich connection and conversation with participants.

Guest Expectations:

  1. Sign up for your Video Interview Time. Once your spot is scheduled complete the Guest Information Form at least 1 week prior to interview.
  2. We will let you know when your show will air. We would love for you to email your community and share on social media (we will provide JB TV graphic with your photo, copy and link to t.he show).
  3. For your pre-recorded interview on Zoom: We’ll spend a few minutes connecting and making sure you have good lighting and backdrop.
    • Please try to reduce background clutter and have a pleasing backdrop.
    • Check that you have adequate lightening and are not in a darkened space.
    • We recommend that you adjust your computer so that your head and shoulders (not just your head!) take up the entire screen. Typically, your head will brush the top of the screen. And we’ll see your shoulders too.
  4. Please note:This show is conversational and is not a presentation. We’ll be talking about how you got to where you are and continue to grow as a successful business owner using your creativity, spirituality and conscious business practices.
Laura West

Laura West, CPCC, is the founder and president of the Center for Joyful Business and host of Joyful Business TV.

As an international business success coach, Laura helps coaches, healers, trainers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs discover their creative leadership inside and out so they share their Soul Work with more people and have more of an impact. She is passionate that you can do meaningful work that makes a positive difference while making great money doing what you love.

She knows when you are aligned with your joy and passion, you are more innovative, creative, and confident and success is inevitable! She has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and professionals over the last 20 years unlock their Soul Work, creativity, and greater impact.

She is also the author of The Joyful Business Plan, a right brain creative planning toolkit and creator of Fun & Fabulous Follow Up, Elegant Enrollment and 100’s of programs, workshops and creative tools. She is a frequent guest and contributor to podcasts, video summits and conferences.

Laura brings a unique perspective to business. She is passionate that we can create a positive impact to make the world a better place with our businesses. You’ll find a creative blend of conscious business, creativity, spirituality, intuition, positive psychology and leadership skills with practical marketing.

You can get more resources and tools at her website at JoyfulBusiness.com

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