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Daily Abundance and Success Rituals

These easy-to-do daily practices will get you in the creative flow, amp up your joy, and open you to more clients, opportunities and success.

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A Powerful Way to Start Your Day!

If you want to get your transformation work out into the world in a big way without all the soul-crushing hustle and marketing madness, you need a daily Abundance Alignment Ritual that invites in guidance, inspiration and the right actions to expand your business.

These Daily Abundance & Success Rituals are fast, simple and super effective. Get ready for instant clarity, focus, creative inspiration and amazing abundance!

We promise to keep your email address safe.


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The Daily Abundance & Success Rituals include:

  • Beautiful Abundance and Success Affirmations – affirmations to put by your coffee maker or tea kettle to help you get deeply centered every morning.
  • Daily Journal Questions – quick and easy fill-in-the blank questions that provide instant guidance and clarity.
  • Daily Giggle Goal Commitment – a joyful way to gain focus, tap into creative magic, and elegantly expand your business.
Laura West

Laura West is a Creative Catalyst for Business, author, and speaker who helps coaches, healers and change-makers create and grow highly profitable businesses without soul-crushing marketing strategies, hard hustle or cookie-cutter formulas.

For the past 19 years, she’s coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to identify and claim their unique brilliance, creative expression, and rebel marketing style in order to joyfully build a business that creates big ripples in the world (… and big deposits in their bank account.)

She’s the creator of Creative Coaching Tools, Elegant Enrollment, Fun & Fabulous Follow-up and many other educational programs for heart-based entrepreneurs. She’s also the author of The Joyful Business Plan and Right-Brain Plan for Your Business.

She loves walking by the ocean as much as possible, art journaling, and going on creative adventures with her friends.

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