What if you could Tap into Deep Wisdom and Creative Guidance for Your Business?

Power Meditation and 7 Day Journal to help you connect with the wisdom, intelligence and guidance of your Future Self

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For 7 days use this meditation and journal to heighten your connection to your Future Self and receive guidance and wisdom for your business, leadership and life.

You’ll meet and develop a relationship with your Wise Future Self to help guide you into more creativity, resourcefulness and courage.

You’ll never have to create alone again! Your Wise Future Self is always there for you.

You'll receive…

  • Meet your Future Self Mediation – Listen to this meditation to meet your Wise Future Self to create a deeper connection and receive a gift of guidance. It’ll be the perfect insight you need!
  • 7 Day Dialogue with your Wise Future Self Journal  - Each day ask your Future Self for Daily Guidance on your creative business idea. You’ll get a week of journal prompts to easily take you through the process of dialoging with your Wise Future Self for creative ideas, what next steps to take and ways around your sabotaging behaviors!
future self gift

We promise to keep your email address safe.

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Laura West walks through life expecting magic and miracles. She knows that joy is the secret ingredient for expanding your creativity and productivity.  She works with business owners of all types who are ready to make a positive difference with their projects and work.

Her deep belief that you already have creative potential, and she helps carve away the what’s blocking your Unique Beautiful Brilliance from shining so you can more fully ride the Universal Abundance Current.  She’ll help you see that the world is full of possibilities in every moment!

Celebrating 20 years as a business healer and intuitive success coach at Joyfulbusiness.com

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