What if you could focus your creative energy to attract ideas, solutions, opportunities and inspired actions?

What if you could easily create your Big YES Projects with ease, flow & delightful success?

EnergyJAM™ is your easy-to-use high-vibe power tool to create a powerful energetic field that supports you in manifesting better-than-ever results in all aspects of your life and business!

What if you could focus your creative energy to attract ideas, solutions, opportunities and inspired actions?

What if you could easily create your Big YES Projects with ease, flow & delightful success?

EnergyJAM™ is your easy-to-use high-vibe power tool to create a powerful energetic field that supports you in manifesting better-than-ever results in all aspects of your life and business!


I’m Laura West

creator of EnergyJAM™ and founder of JoyfulBusiness.com

If you’re like many of my clients, you have an abundance of ideas to make a positive impact on the world through your business and you’re ready to:

  • Make more money doing this work you love
  • Serve more people and know that your gifts are being well-used and of service
  • Know that you’re making a difference doing work that matters
  • Live a life that is expressive, inspired and filled up

These idea sparks turn into Big YES creative projects that are filled with optimism, possibility, energy and joy.

But after a while those positive emotions have a tendency to turn to fear, doubt and second-guessing.

Questions like

“Who am I to do this?”


“What was I thinking?!”

invade your thoughts.

It’s almost like you get amnesia where you can’t seem to remember why you were excited about the idea in the first place!

The problem is you have BIG things to do in the world and these limiting thoughts cause friction between the work you’re meant to do and the action you need to take to get it out in the world.

Have you ever...

Come up with a new offer you KNOW will create important transformation for your clients but got stuck in a series of never-ending revisions and perfectionism … and ultimately never launched?

Got all fired up, mindmapping an idea for your passionate movement that you know will make a difference and now you keep staring at the map on your wall, ignoring its call?

Scripted out a Facebook Live that showcases your TRUE BRILLIANCE but never turned on the camera?

Started a book you were super excited about only to find yourself hiding from it or saying you’ll get back to it one day?

So many times we beat ourselves up in these situations and let self-doubt shake our confidence. 

But the truth is, it’s not your fault!  We are ALL wired this way.

As human beings, there is a part of us I call the 

“Inner Protector.”

This Inner Protector is there to help us feel safe, but we run into problems when our Inner Protector takes over and hijacks our potential

  • New ideas are seen as too risky.
  • Visibility translates into scary vulnerability.
  • Growth and possibility are interpreted as danger and disaster in that maybe you won’t be able to handle it.
  • Excitement and creativity are overshadowed by a deep fear of disappointment.

It’s no wonder we find ourselves pulling back instead of moving forward. Shrinking instead of expanding! 

But there is GREAT news...

Yes, the Inner Protector is part of you, but you don’t have to let it drive the bus!

Turning your Big YES Project into a successful reality IS possible, but you need to know how to bypass your Inner Protector instead of being sidelined by it. 


Your easy-to-use success tool to help you manifest more money, freedom, and impact…without the usual torture of falling into the doubt vortex!!

The EnergyJAM™ is a simple yet powerful scripting tool that helps you create a consistent field of expansive energy that aligns your 3 brains. 

Yes, I just said your THREE BRAINS! New studies have shown we actually have 3 intelligence centers in our body.

Your Head

 home to creativity, imagination, thought, analysis

Your Heart

home to compassion, love, values, dreams, feelings

Your Gut

 home to courage, action, deep identity, motivation

When the 3 brains are aligned and in sync using your EnergyJAM™, you can:

Here’s Barb’s experience with creating and using her EnergyJAM™!

Enlightening and healing!

The EnergyJAM™ is a brilliant tool I use for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. It’s helped me tap into my strengths and positive aspects about myself, my life, and my business. It’s a process I’ve used in different situations to pull out the beautiful possibilities and help me see the power and rich qualities in my life. I read it out loud everyday and I journal about the positive statements as well as any resistance I might be feeling. I loved tuning in to all of MY possibilities. It’s a highly empowering tool!

Barb Brown | Insight and Healing

What’s Included in the EnergyJAM™ Scripting Toolkit

Fill-in-the-Blank EnergyJAM™ Scripts

($297 value)

I’ve made it easy and fast to create your soul-nourishing statements and believable affirmations with these pre-made scripts. Simply answer the prompts and you’ll be all set with your personal EnergyJAM™ in 60-min (or less!)

EnergyJAM™ Library

($197 value)

Use these powerful, compelling and energy-infused examples to create your own Energy JAM™ script for every area of business and life: money,  projects, relationships, support, creativity, voice, success, support, intuition…and more!

EnergyJAM™ Guide

($97 value)

Get step-by-step instructions on this fun and easy creative process so you can repeat it as many times as you’d like.

PLUS these Bonuses!

Bonus #1 – Create Your Energy JAM Live Workshop  ($197 value)

Wednesday, April 6
2:00 – 3:30 ET

Together we can create your very own EnergyJAM™ in this supportive group experience. Ask questions, get feedback, and come away with your completed EnergyJAM™!

Bonus #2 – Keeping It Alive! Checklist($97 value)

Keep the positive energy flowing all day long! Get creative ideas for how to add your EnergyJAM™’s into your day with vision boards & audio rants.

Bonus #3 – Quick-Start Business Success EnergyJAM™ Audio ($297 value)

Want to amp up your business success right away? I’ve included this pre-recorded EnergyJAM™ audio you can listen to and benefit from immediately!

Bonus #4 – How to Record Your Own EnergyJAM™ Audio ($97 value)

Recording and listening to your EnergyJAM™ with your OWN voice significantly enhances the positive effects. I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to record your audio.

A unique, creative and powerful way to kick off my day!

I use the EnergyJAM™ in my morning journaling to kick off my day and I have a few of my quotes on my bathroom mirror. It immediately starts to shift my energy. The prompts were so helpful and made it so simple to build my JAM.

— Melinda Thomas | Melinda Thomas Creative

Get the full EnergyJAM™ Toolkit!

Fill-in-the-Blank EnergyJAM™ Scripts ($297 value)
EnergyJAM™ Library ($197 value)
EnergyJAM™ Guide ($97 value)

Bonus #1 – Create Your Energy JAM Live Workshop ($197 value)
Bonus #2 – Keeping It Alive! Checklist ($97 value)
Bonus #3 – Quick-Start Business Success EnergyJAM™ Audio ($297 value)
Bonus #4 – How to Record Your Own EnergyJAM™ Audio ($97 value)


Total Value: $1279

Regular Price $47

Start Creating Your Energy JAM Now

Only $47


Don’t let another day go by struggling with resistance and self doubt.

Join the 1000+ soul-guided coaches, healers and ripple-making leaders who use the EnergyJAM™ as their inner power tool to attract more possibility, ease and flow into their life and business!


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the EnergyJAM™ different from affirmations?

The  EnergyJAM™ is all about creating soul-nourishing, BELIEVABLE affirmations that remind you of who you are becoming.  It’s like stretching a rubber band, a little stretch feels good and works, but go too far – SNAP!  The band breaks leaving you with a bit of a shock and frustration. 

We’ve all heard the “fake it until you make it” saying. Regular affirmations work on that principle. They are like the rubber band that snaps when it’s stretched too far. Your Inner Protector will come in and wreak havoc with your confidence and create self doubt.

We work with creating believable affirmations that nourish the next evolution of you…the empowered person you are becoming. They feel good to say! Your energy expands (gently and powerfully) and it’s easy for you to take action!

How much time does it take to create an EnergyJAM™?

You can get started right away! I provide easy-to-use EnergyJAM™ soul nourishing statements for every area of your business to use right now.  

Then I’ve made it super easy to create your own personalized EnergyJAM™. Using the templates and the examples from the library, you can create your own in less than an hour!

Is this going to be hard?

Well, gosh! That just goes against the whole energy flow idea, doesn’t it?  I’m queen of taking you into your power – through creative side doors. It’s actually FUN to create and super energizing to use every day! The more you use your EnergyJAM™ – the more you’ll WANT to use it!

Does this energy stuff really matter or make a difference?

For a business owner, your personal energy is everything. If you feel down and out, lifeless and full of doubt, then it’s hard to get the motivation to reach out to potential clients or create a video or write an article.

But…when you feel good…you do good!  We’ve all experienced those days when our energy is in alignment – we walk with a bounce in our step, a smile comes easily, we might even be quick to joke with strangers!  On those days we make more connections, the ideas come easily and the work…well, it doesn’t feel like work!

That’s what the EnergyJAM™ helps you with…reminding you of how you want to be in the world and aligning your feelings, emotions and thoughts with that optimistic creator who is attracting abundance, possibilities and productivity with ease!

Joy matters?

Oh yes!  That’s my mantra. When you feel good, you do good!

When you change how you feel and how you think about things…you change your experience.  So when you align with your best self…she (or he) creates from a more resourceful place.

Research candy for your left logical side of your brain: Studies have shown that when you feel happy and joyful at work you are – more confident, more creative, more likely to innovate or take a risk and more focused/loyal.  That’s the magical elixir all of us entrepreneurs have been looking for!

Here’s Susan’s experience with EnergyJAM™!

Powerful Connection and Collaboration!


The Energy Jam was fun and a great way to start off a year of creating from flow. Laura has a tribe of powerful, positive, creative, and committed colleagues who make everything she does more powerful through collaboration and connection. As an entrepreneur during COVID it’s easy to feel isolated and frustrated. Laura’s coaching takes the pressure off and makes the work so much more enjoyable.

Susan Convery | SusanConvery.Art@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Laura!

I help coaches, healers and change-makers create and grow highly profitable businesses without soul-crushing marketing strategies, hard hustle or cookie-cutter formulas.

For the past 20 years, I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to discover and claim their unique brilliance, creative expression, and rebel marketing style in order to joyfully build a business that creates big ripples in the world (… and big deposits in their bank account.)

I believe that you and your work matters. I believe that we are here to make a difference in our world…starting in our own lives. We have the power to shift and be a little more resourceful right now when we choose to align with our best self and let her create! When you allow joy into your day and let your voice be heard – anything is possible! You can’t help but to attract those opportunities to you!

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