Get Stuff Done That Matters!
Virtual Retreat

Let’s Do It Together!

Friday, August 7
11:00 am – 3:30 pm Eastern

Join us for a focused day to get stuff done in your business - that project you’ve been meaning to do,
that you want to do and just haven’t had the focus or energy to get to it.

This day could make all the difference in your business for the month! (or more!)

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If you are like me, you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster – one minute you’re feeling the joy and inspiration of a great new idea that is perfect for these times… and then something happens… your energy falls off, your focus puddles, and you barely have energy to straighten your desk at the end of the day.

You would think with all this alone time we could get a ton done! Not in these times….

This is where we need each other.

Together… you can get the projects done that will make a difference to you and to your clients… together you can get more done.

Even during these uncertain and tumultuous times, we need to create projects that matter and are more relevant like…

  • Creating that new free gift – one that will speak to the unusual times we are in now.
  • Setting up your email list – now is the perfect time to get your marketing essentials put into place.
  • Writing emails to nurture your community (especially if you’ve fallen off this summer.)
  • Creating video tips – it’s easier to do when you batch the videos – use the whole day to get some done ahead of time!
  • Setting up a facebook live show.
  • Creating that new program or product.
  • What’s your project that matters?

What works for me to get to those projects is to schedule specific time on my calendar for Creating and Getting It Done. (Otherwise, you’ll never get to it, right?)

Big chunks of time when I can be super focused and in the flow… what would make it even better… to do it with like-committed business owners!

That’s why I created the #GetStuffDoneThatMatters Virtual Retreat!

You’ll be swept up in the energy and inspiration during this virtual retreat experience and will find it’s so much easier to create – together!

Questions to Ask Yourself…

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How can I best use this time of isolation to move my business forward? What project will help with that?

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What have I been meaning to do will help me the most to attract more visibility, build my credibility and build my list?

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What is that Passion Project – that dream idea – I have been wanting to get started – that I am really excited about but never set the time aside to do?

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What’s my Passion Project that will make me stand out from the crowd and identify me as a leader in my market?

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What areas of my business need rebranding or updating? What’s holding you back from being and doing big things that matter?

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What have I been tolerating? Like not having my Mailchimp or Constant Contact set up, not tracking revenue, an outdated website….

Now you finally have the time to focus and create the success you really want with the #GetStuffDoneThatMatters Virtual Retreat.

And I’ll be by your side and available to support you all day!

Here’s what my client, George, says about working together…

My mind with Laura
by George Herrick, Soul Deep Living
George Herrick
George Herrick of Deep Soul Living

Here’s how this fun, interactive Virtual Retreat Day works…

  1. I’ll open up the virtual retreat sharing my favorite creative productivity ideas and then you claim what focus project you are committed to.
  2. Then you go off and get stuff done that will make a difference in your business.
  3. We’ll all check back in every hour with a quick, fun accountability call. (It’s amazing how having this accountability call keeps you going!)
  4. We’ll wrap up at the end of the day with a Celebration Call!
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PLUS: I’ll be available for coaching and consulting the whole day in between calls!

Carolyn Jones

Working with Laura West assisted me in breaking the mold of traditional marketing. She taught me to market authentically by bringing my authentic self into my business. These are new times with new energy and women need new methods, not formulas. Laura West is a Creative Catalyst and Expert. Working with her will allow you to open up space for your creativity to shine through thus setting you apart in your field.

Carolyn A. Jones | Energy Architect

You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish!

#GettingStuffDoneThatMatters is more fun with a community!

And… you get a special bonus!

Bonus – Guided Inner Wisdom Journey Meditation

You’ll receive a specially created meditation where I guide you to converse with your Business Fairy Godmother for wisdom for getting clarity for your projects and grounded energy for easy creation!


“Laura is a magically creative, compassionate, and gifted coach. She has given me a safe container to share my feelings, thoughts, and ideas, as well as providing tools and wisdom with regard to business development during these uncertain times of Covid. Having also had Laura as my business coach, she has taught me new creative ways of marketing that are fun and have enabled me to shift my mindset and find my own unique style of putting my work out into the world. I highly recommend Laura for anyone who wants help with visioning the multiple possibilities of their own gifts and have fun doing it!

Allyn St. Lifer

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Get Stuff Done That Matters Virtual Retreat

Friday, August 7

Only $97 -- Get it Now for $67!

Save $30!

Plus, you get the Business Fairy Godmother Wisdom Meditation… and a couple other surprises too! 😉

See what others have to say about working with Laura…

Kathy Bayer

Working with Laura West to get clear on my message and story is an integral step forward for my business. In the creative thinking and brainstorming session, Laura drew out my own creativity and out-the-box thinking. She asked all the right questions, pulled out the best, and intuitively guided me to the answers I was seeking. I recognized how much I’ve been limiting myself and as a result am owning my own bigness and authority. Thanks to Laura’s insight and guidance, I’m clearer, confident, and excited about my business direction, and moving forward with perspective and action.

Kathy Bayer, Principal, KB Marketing and Branding

Luanna Rodham

Laura West and I first met at an event 5 years ago. I want to say that I would highly recommend working with Laura! I had my own Creative Business Retreat with Laura this past Tuesday. It was the most amazing day of coaching I have ever received! Laura over delivered on everything she promised. I walked in feeling nervous and overwhelmed. I walked out with a step by step, month by month plan specifically made just for my business. Laura does not prepare cookie cutter coaching or business plans. The plan that we developed was my own and no one else’s. I was worried that I was not “creative” enough to have a “creative” business retreat. However, that was not what it was. Laura has an innovative way of using fun, creative techniques to take the anxiety away that can come with working on a business plan. The peace I felt about my business was nothing I have ever felt before! Thank you, Laura! xxoo

Luanna Rodham

Laura is a highly creative (not to mention JOYFUL) entrepreneur. Her expertise in drawing out short- and long-term goals and making them visual is priceless! Not your “same ole, same ole” goal setter - Laura makes goal setting (and accomplishing) seem like a trip to Disneyland!

Debbye Cannon

Leslie Hamp

Every coach needs a coach, and Laura West is the one I turn to for brainstorming, guidance and a big leap. In just 2 hours she helped me shift into my Zone of Genius and rebrand my business. It feels so good to kiss my old business model goodbye and claim a model that is aligned with this stage of life — leading groups and retreats around a life re-imagined. I am so grateful to have Laura in my back pocket as my coach, mentor and inspiration.

Leslie Hamp | Creative Catalyst

Only $97 -- Get it Now for $67!

Save $30!


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