Better Together

Pop Up Empowerment Calls

Join us for deep connections,
rich conversation and cultivating an empowered mindset
in this midst of these unpredictable times.

You don’t have to go through this alone.
Come to the call where you can plug into a more resourceful and positive flow.

In a time where we need to be isolating, when we don’t know what the future holds for ourselves and our loved ones and our livelihoods, it’s easy to want to hide and disconnect even further.

There is another way.

Let’s come together so we can support each other through this unsettling time.

I am gathering amazing creative business owners to connect deeply about what really matters right now.

  • Stepping into personal leadership for yourself, your family & friends and your business.
  • Practicing healthy emotional hygiene.
  • Cultivating your connection to the Universal Abundance Flow… yes, even during uncertain times. It’s the most resourceful place to create from.
  • Brainstorming what you can do now for your personal economy and your business growth. Your clients need what you have to offer… how to make it relevant and authentic to these times.
  • Strengthening your resiliency and empowered reframing.
  • Soothe your soul and spirit with rich conversation, connection and even laughter… even during “this”.

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“Laura is a magically creative, compassionate, and gifted coach. By generously offering daily Better Together Zoom calls, she has given me a safe container to share my feelings, thoughts, and ideas with other like-minded people, as well as providing tools and wisdom with regard to business development during these uncertain times of Covid. Having also had Laura as my business coach, she has taught me new creative ways of marketing that are fun and have enabled me to shift my mindset and find my own unique style of putting my work out into the world. I highly recommend Laura for anyone who wants help with visioning the multiple possibilities of their own gifts and have fun doing it!” ~Allyn St. Lifer

My mind with Laura
by George Herrick, Soul Deep Living
George Herrick

George Herrick, Soul Deep Living

Tifin Dillon

Thank you so much for creating and hosting the Better Together calls. It has been so wonderful to start each day with intention, connection and meaningful conversation. I appreciate your leadership and your authenticity in this chaotic time! ~Tifin Dillon, Your Stellar Life

Sarah Schweikert

I just wanted to say thank you for the space and time for daily connection that you’ve been offering. I really appreciate it and feel nourished and loved up by it... Even if I cannot join every day, it is really nice to know it’s a place where I can share presence and a heart to heart Connection with others. ~Sarah Schweikert, Emerging Lotus, Switzerland

Lisa DeRensis

It’s amazing how we can share love, energy, connection and transformation while we sit in our own spaces all over the world. We are creating magic! ~Lisa DeRensis, NYC

We’ll also talk about how to step into being leader in your life, so you take exquisite care of yourself, and so, you’ll have the energy and fortitude to be a leader for your family and friends and even in your business.

This is a historical time in our lives. What is your chapter in history going be?

Holding you in grace and strength,

Note: There will not be recordings available.

Laura West

Laura West is a Creative Catalyst for Business, author, and speaker who helps coaches, healers and change-makers create and grow highly profitable businesses without soul-crushing marketing strategies, hard hustle or cookie-cutter formulas.

For the past 19 years, she’s coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to identify and claim their unique brilliance, creative expression, and rebel marketing style in order to joyfully build a business that creates big ripples in the world (… and big deposits in their bank account.)

She’s the creator of Creative Coaching Tools, Elegant Enrollment, Fun & Fabulous Follow-up and many other educational programs for heart-based entrepreneurs. She’s also the author of The Joyful Business Plan and Right-Brain Plan for Your Business.

She loves walking by the ocean as much as possible, art journaling, and going on creative adventures with her friends.

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